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Ventive enables Founders to drive the growth of their own Business.
To already launched Startups and SMEs to find Funds and Investors.
To Investors to select the best business opportunities in the market.

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From business idea validation to evaluation for exit

Mentorship and Consulting for Startups

Startup Founder / Early Stage

Young entrepreneurs who want to launch their business idea but are looking for a serious consulting firm to validate their project and follow them as they grow.

Startups launched / Early Growth

Businesses that need to validate their business model, financial plan and do traction. They seek capital through Business Angels, Family&Friends and Funding Calls.

Startup and SMEs / Pre Seed and Seed

Startups already launched in the business model that need to scale up to improve market share, attract Investors or better prepare for an Investment Round.

What's the stage of your startup?

We have Plans designed for your business needs

Our experience in startups and innovative companies has enabled us to create plans for growth and scale for Startups. We know that the process of starting and growing a business can be challenging: young, and not-so-young, entrepreneurs often face: management, financial, and fundraising challenges

We created plans tailored for startups grouped into 3 Growth Paths which include, among other opportunities, support for financial planning, fundraising, business model definition, and more.

Our startup consulting aims to address critical issues common to all young businesses

Services to Accelerate the Growth of Startups

Executive Pitch

The Executive Pitch describes the project, competitors, and market analysis.

Market Analysis

The analysis goes on to identify the target market with key indicators.

Investor Deck

The Investor Deck is the complete presentation that is shown to lenders. The business model is the focus of the paper.

Financial Plan

The Financial Plan describes the startup's five-year financial goals.


Study of the Post-Money and Pre-Money Valuation of the company with the
Main evaluation methods according to the life stage of the
startup (Berkus, Scorecard, VC Method, Discounted Cash Flow,
Multiple Method)

Deal Flow

Mentoring in the fundraising process such as matching investor interest with startups and support throughout the process

Pitch Mentoring

Mentoring to develop an effective communication strategy
Analysis of relationship styles
Stress test simulation
Pitch session simulation

Financial Advisory

Support for investment rounds, support in due diligence fund request, introduction of the startup into Ventive's network, support in negotiating shareholders' agreements and term sheet

Meeting One-To-One with Investors

Management and support pre, during, and post meetings with investors

Scouting Calls for Proposals

Scouting for opportunities for startup calls

Compilation of Calls for Proposals

Compilation of calls documents and any required additions

Introducing at Ventive Club Deal

Participation in one of Ventive's Club Deal events consisting of more than 180 member investors


Set up the required documents to proceed with Fundraising

We offer a Strategic and Financial Advisory for your Startup

Our team of experts will help you draft a comprehensive business plan, a five-year financial plan, and all the documents you need to grow your business and be able to effectively support your presentation to investors and generally go through the fundraising process.


Fundraising for Startups

We set up a fundraising strategy to scale your business

We will help you develop the right fundraising strategy, identifying and presenting investors best suited to your stage and needs. We will help you access different sources of investment and funding for startups, from private investors, to public calls.


Finance and Calls for Funding for Startups

From identifying public and private calls to application, comprehensive support in finding sources of funding for your business.
We identify the most suitable funding opportunities for the characteristics of your business and the size of your company, and support you in filling out national and regional calls for proposals.

A Club with more than 180 Investors

Ventive Club Deal

Ventive offers startups a unique opportunity to network and find investors

Joining the Ventive Club Deal means exclusive and privileged access to one of the best networks of Italian investors and business Angels.



We offer a range of Startup Consulting Services including business model consulting, business plan development, financial planning, and assistance in seeking funding, both through private investors and public calls.

To get started, startups can contact us through our website for an initial consultation.
We have prepared plans to guide companies in selecting our services according to their stage of growth.
The choice of plan is not binding: during the fact-finding call following the completion of the form, we will discuss the specific needs of the startup and how we can support its growth.

Our Startup Portfolio shows that we work with companies in all sectors.

We select startups based on several criteria, including innovativeness of the business model, scalability of the product or service, and skills of the team.

We do not offer direct financing: we assist companies in finding and obtaining financing from investors, business angels, and through public calls.

We provide support in preparing presentation materials, financial evaluation and fundraising strategy, as well as connecting startups with a network of potential investors: the Ventive Club Deal.

Our customized approach, experience, and networking in the startup world enable us to offer tailored and highly effective support for growing startups.

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BDigit is a Startup that aims to increase awareness of Well-Being through Digital. It has developed a Training App for the body, mind, emotions.

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eShoppingAdvisor is a SaaS startup that allows you to manage and improve the web positioning and online reputation of e-commerce

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App that helps you manage your health and follow your therapies correctly, allowing you to digitize documents, tests, therapies, etc.

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Il Mio Broker Assicurativo

Insurtech Startup recognized as a Broker that, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, allows to quickly identify users’ insurance needs

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Mixami has created a ready-to-drink cocktail for the new generations

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Support and advice platform in the travel world.

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Damè Cocktail

Damé Cocktails offers ready to drink, handcrafted mixes with highly selected ingredients in single-serving sachets, ready to enjoy.

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Holding of Pre Seed and Seed Startups

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Damè Cocktail

Damé Cocktails offers ready to drink, handcrafted mixes with highly selected ingredients in single-serving sachets, ready to enjoy.

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Damè Cocktail

Damé Cocktails offers ready to drink, handcrafted mixes with highly selected ingredients in single-serving sachets, ready to enjoy.

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Plastic Free

Startup dedicated to promoting initiatives related to environmental sustainability.

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Inzuppo revisits the breakfast and snack experience with a modern, mouthwatering twist, transforming the traditional milk soup into an enriched “Milk Bowl.” This unique cereal bar...

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Be my Hero

Be My Hero is a unique service that connects families with children eager to meet their favorite superheroes, or princesses for unforgettable at-home experiences. Through an...

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Qlhype is an innovative e-commerce platform revolutionizing the second-hand luxury clothing and accessories market. Through direct collaborations with high-profile VIPs, Qlhype offers unused luxury items, ensuring...

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The startup that is revolutionizing the way people experience luxury. Thanks to a model based on circular economy, Hibourama allows its customers to have access to...

  • Business Model

    B2B and B2C

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    Advisory, Portfolio

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Green Vibes

Green Vibes is the startup dedicated to sustainable pleasure, offering an e-commerce full of sextainable products. Through its portal, you can explore and purchase a variety...

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BugsLife is the startup that breeds Soldier Fly larvae for the production of sustainable pet food.

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Sharewood offers experiential, active and conscious journeys, designed to be unique and unrepeatable. With the flexibility to travel when and with whom you want, collaborations with...

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